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Repeat this cool princess online game for young girls. We certainly have much more this type of cool adventures for girls. Want to learn much more - learn pretty much all about Baby Barbie Treasure Hunt game right here. Baby Barbie goes on a fun treasure hunt adventure. Her birthday today and her friends thought of an unusual birthday surprise present. She's got her a message left with mention, which must find her in the school and at home. The little princess in a gift brings these hidden notes. With baby Barbie, go on their first quest treasure hunt. She is really excited about it. You need your experienced detective skills while the reasons for all references to search. The hunt includes the classroom, schoolyard, playground and home bedroom. Each of these locations hides two important notes that combines leads baby Barbie her secret treasure of a fabulous birthday gift from your dear friends. Where do you want the treasure from start? Since baby Barbie is still in school, the classrooms probably is the first place to search for clues. Search from ordinary information or incorrect items. The chart drawing, an open book on the desk, the teacher calendar or the schoolbag links are pointing to the bottom of possible owners. Move next to the school yard and playground. Check the Bank, trees, grass, slides, swings, circular rings, sand box, basketball net, and so on. Lead the two last notes in the cute girl full messy bedroom toys, books, notebooks, and flower vases. Don't miss the wall frame, maintains and bucket either! Have a blast to play our awesome new baby game!Discuss your thoughts on the topic of Baby Barbie Treasure Hunt princess game you do have simply just tried. Like it? You probably can share it or perhaps embed to your blog?

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Baby Barbie Treasure Hunt

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Have fun playing Baby Barbie Treasure Hunt game online using mouse. Baby Barbie Treasure Hunt is a game for girls from Baby Games, Barbie Games, girl games collections. . Baby Barbie Treasure Hunt has been added on April 15, 2015 and you can play it now. Baby Barbie Treasure Hunt game has been already played 283 times.

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