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Take part in greatest Girl games for ladies online. Want to know way more - discover information about Baby Barbie Rudolf Injury game listed below. A rumor reached baby Barbie ears that Rudolf, Santas trusted reindeer, is seriously injured. This is a very sad message not only for Santa Claus, but also for children all over the world. The most popular winter vacation will be ruined, if Santa is unable to to the Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. Baby Barbie is determined to save Christmas, and she will do their best to help restore injured Rudolf for the big night. Accompany the pretty girl in the treatment of the cute reindeer. First of all, that the medical treatment clean up his wounds. Wash the dirt and mud on his body, and any other violation with antiseptic lotion and cotton pads to disinfect. The common cold is a sign of the flu. Always wipe it with paper tissue and give flu Rudolf some medicine such as cough syrup and eye drops. Fever symptoms seek and apply a cold ice bag on his forehead. Their surgical skills are needed remove wood splitter with medical forceps and sew the deep, open wounds. Select the injury that will need surgery, and close them with surgical needle and thread. Connect the wounded areas to prevent infections and accelerate the healing process. Do an X-ray to determine whether something broken. Treatment of fractures with cast and bandages. Santas reindeer feels much better now and baby Barbie is super grateful for your help. Christmas special will be in this year no doubt. Have a great time to play our new baby game! Merry Christmas all!We promise excellent your time with many different games such as Baby Barbie Rudolf Injury. The time has come to ping your folks about Baby Barbie Rudolf Injury game.

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Baby Barbie Rudolf Injury

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Baby Barbie Rudolf Injury play the game using mouse. Baby Barbie Rudolf Injury is a game for girls from Barbie Games, girl games collections. Baby Barbie Rudolf Injury Rating: 100% with 1 votes. Baby Barbie Rudolf Injury has been added on December 16, 2014 and you can play it now. Baby Barbie Rudolf Injury game has been already played 87 times.

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